New Moon Celebration

Is the moment when you cannot see the Moon up above in the sky, is when we have space to create in our live, to create a project, to create the life your hear wants, excellent moment to get married, to start with new projects, to travel with your beloved ones, to create your Vision Board.

On these ceremonies, we use tools, that have been used for ages in different cultures, such as sounds (Mantras), that help to heal are thoughts, which are the root of our life, the nourish, on a deep way, the Spiritual Being. We practice breathing that heal our emotions, and movements that heal our body. Connect with this extraordinary Spiritual Technology to heal, mind, body and spirit, At the end of the sessions you will have a Peace, Joy, Wellness and Harmony feeling, which will make your vacations unforgettable. 

You have the power to create

the highest reality that you wish