30 Hours Course | Manual Included



How your attitude and habits impact your health. How to heal them. 
Which are the health challenges, and which are the tools to work on them. 
Easy and practical ways to lose weight. 
Practical tools of self-knowledge, foods, meditations, mantras, mudras, healing sounds. 

How to create a wonderful loving/affectionate relationship.
How to learn about the karmic relationships that hurt you and how to avoid sorrow.
How to find your soulmate.
Specific meditations to improve relationships and avoid obstacles.
A practical system that will help you to understand your couple’s relationship vibration. 
Effective tools to communicate with your significant other. 



What is the success of your career and how you can find it.
How to be aware of the habits that stop you from achieving your goals. 
How to achieve this changes through ancient and powerful tools with Kabbalah, your date of birth, 7 creative planets (those who rule over the horoscopes) and numerology.
To learn, make and work in teams.
To learn specific meditations to help you that everything works at your job. 
Yoga exercises that will help you to improve at your job. 

Why do we meditate?
Deep meditation knowledge with sounds and mantras. 
Practical relaxation techniques.
You will understand the power of your breathing, how to breath, and breathing techniques. 
How the way you think, feel, talk, act have impact on your genes. 
Shakti Naam for the health and well-being.  


The Experience


Kelli Castineiras

After having the Naam Yoga Lifestyle Course, it gave me some significant Universal tools (Universal Kabbalah) to help me with the daily life. Practical daily routines that can easily fit on my Yoga ritual. Easy to use Mantras to handle the tensions of daily life. Common sense focus for Health and Well-being. Tools to use at my job, contracts, and commercial negotiations that will create smoothness and simplicity to my life. The most important, a clear comprehension and compassion for the differences among others, as my co-workers, family, friends and beloved ones. I have a clear vision of how to direct my daily, monthly and annual goals. When to go forward, when to speed down and relax, when I should focus on new projects and when to liberate what is not working for me. I have shared some easy advice so my kids can use them too at school and in life. Naam Style is a life changing practice, I am grateful to have found it and I am applying it into my life.

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The Experience


Blanca Pedrin.

I recognized the importance to invest part of my time in the most valuable and important of the human being, my spiritual evolution. Naam lifestyle with Gaby de la Rosa. I experienced through meditation, breathing, exercises, Universal Kabbalah (ancient wisdom) and it left in me important tools to elevate my conscious level, my serenity, and my interior peace; appreciating the love force.

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