Naam Flexology


A relaxing and detoxifying foot soak while listening to healing sounds and vibrations. What follows is a series of physical and energetic techniques applied to specific areas of the top of the feet, soles, and ankles.

This course includes two days of in-person instruction in addition to video instruction that you can utilize at home. Naamflexology curriculum includes:

  • The Naamflexology foot massage techniques
  • Biomechanics of the feet
  • Brain mapping
  • Gravity and electricity, the relationship between the feet and earth.
  • Esoteric wisdom of Naamflexology
  • How to be a catalyst for spiritual evolution in clients while they are resting
  • A spiritual background on the meaning of the feet, their relationship to the nervous system, brain, organs, blood flow, acupuncture channels, and the electromagnetic field.
  • The healing power behind your energy as a practitioner
  • Variations in the feet
  • Much more.