Harmonyum Healing

After the treatment, you experience a deep sense of calm, relaxation, and vitality.
Each part of the body is charged with a gentle pulse of the pranic current. As a result of the Harmonyum treatment, the eyes become bright, and the complexion remarkably radiant.
In addition, it makes the aura beautiful and magnetic. Some people report the disappearance of chronic conditions after a couple of treatments. While others take regular sessions to rejuvenate the body and prevent health problems.
This Solar treatment is the cosmic dance in which harmony is established between the celestial energies and the earth.

From the book “The Healing Fire of Heaven”

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry



Harmonyum is an energy healing system that works with acupuncture meridians. This deep work moves through progressively deeper layers instilling a self-regulating self-healing effect throughout the body. The central meridians feed the brain, organs, nervous system, and limbs.

The Harmonyum healing system is also designed to help release the stored physical pain contained in muscle memory and toxins stored in the corners of the body.

These deep layers are stored as energy patterns that manifest in patterns of hormones and pain, addictions, mood, inflammation, and the behavior of the immune system.

These are the factors that lead to common complaints of health and emotions that finally lead people to seek help. Harmonyum works in what is known as the “Causative Level”. Most of the world’s health care systems function at the level of ‘Effect’.

The more causal the therapy is, the more enlightened the individual becomes and the closer the person is to a permanent solution to his or her challenges. Healing is the process of self-realization and addressing problems at the level of the cause.

While Harmonyum focuses on health and well-being in general, there are particular regions of the body that are targeted during therapy. The cranial nerves, spine, heart, midbrain, organs, and bones receive special attention. The parasympathetic nervous system is directed as it is considered, in the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, as a point of access for the mechanism of self-healing.

It is the aspect of the autonomic nervous system that allows to relax, regenerate the body, absorb nutrients better during digestion, increase blood flow to the reproductive system, reduce blood pressure, stimulate the flow of saliva, relax eyes and increase peristalsis in the intestines. In addition, those with depleted adrenal glands benefit from strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system.


- Stimulates the increase in stamina.
- It helps better performance under pressure. Induce a deep rest.
- It repairs the energy of the body that has been exposed to a long time of stress. Revitalizes immune functions.
- Nourishes and strengthens the brain and nervous system.
- Harmonizes glandular functions.
- It creates a strong connection between the physical, mental and spiritual body. Promotes longevity

- Regulates breathing at a rate that cleanses the blood and strengthens the heart.
- It positively charges the spinal fluid to assist in the healing process.
- Calm the nerves.
- It increases the pranic force that supplies all the cells of the body, while nourishing all the internal organs.
- Relax your body to get a higher level of energy.
- Relieves chronic pain
- Encourages the aging process.
- Solves insomnia problems

Harmonyum is the Divine Doctor of this age and those who are to come. It balances the three nervous systems and positively changes the spinal fluid to assist the healing process. Harmonyum saturates the body with Solar fluid and increases the supply of prana for all the cells of the body while nourishing the internal organs. It calms the nerves and gives you an awareness of extreme happiness.

If you are experiencing pain or illness, it is because the astral body is transmitting, through the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) unhealthy vibrations to your physical body, creating disease. Harmonyum not only helps to repair drained energy for a long time of stress but also has a soft effect on personality. Restores health functions in the body. The rhythm of breathing created by Harmonyum purifies the blood, strengthens the heart, and raises the power of the mind.

It promotes general health and longevity and strengthens the whole body for maximum benefit. Harmonyum positively strengthens the life force in the body, resulting in better health and well-being at all levels. This treatment of transcendental healing develops in you the mind that lets you know whether or not you are going in the right direction.