Full Moon Meditation

The New moon is the moment when you cannot see the Moon up above in the sky, is when we have space to create in our live, to create a project, to create the life your hear wants, excellent moment to get married, to start with new projects, to travel with your beloved ones, to create your Vision Board.

Humanity from the beginning has been connected with nature. Come with us to enjoy Mother Nature by the sea. In these moments of profound change, it is important to return to the seed of creation. We are creating a new reality aligned with nature.

In these ceremonies we use tools that have been used for centuries in different cultures, which are the sacred sounds (mantras) that help heal our thoughts that are the root of our life, deeply nourish the spiritual being, practical breaths that heal our emotions and movements heal the physical body. Connect with this extraordinary spiritual technology to heal mind, body and spirit. At the end of the sessions, you have a feeling of peace, joy, well-being, harmony that creates your unforgettable vacation.

We invite you to connect with the powerful energy of the Full Moon. The Human kind, since the beginning of time, has been connected to Nature and now is when we need the most to align with it and the Universal laws. Come with us to enjoy the Mother Nature, by the Sea with people from all over the World.