About Me


As a yoga instructor for more than ten years, I found in the practice of Yoga, healing for my mind, emotions, and body. I realized that health is the most precious thing of the human being.

Considering that everyone deserves the luxury of physical, spiritual, and mental health, and it has been the key to following my heart's desires.

I love to share the experience of this, my passion for Yoga; so proud to be in contact with this spiritual practice since 2002.

Training and Certifications

Naam Yoga I, II, III / Harmonyum Healing / Power Yoga / Naam Therapy / Restorative Yoga / Sukshma Vayayama

Organizing Yoga, Meditation and Kabbalah Retreats from 2015 to 2019 in Los Cabos and La Ventana.

I have been actively participated in retreats from 2008 to 2019, where I had the opportunity to be in Tulum, Los Cabos, Jerusalem, Playa del Carmen, South Africa, Cape Town, and Sun City.

At the annual Doterra Convention in 2018, I have the opportunity to present products aimed at Yoga, and in 2019 I gave the class.

Her Spiritual Guide

Dr. Joseph Levry

She has combined this experience with Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga, and Shakti Naam Yoga, developed by Dr. Joseph Levry, who has been his spiritual guide for over nine years; and a constant in the transformation in his actions, thoughts, and body. One of his greatest achievements was motivating Dr. Levry to carry out, for four consecutive years in Los Cabos, retreats to transmit his teaching to more than 400 students around the world, thus being able to transform the lives of many human beings.