21 days Online Meditation Class

We will meditate through 21 video classes, one each day.
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Complete Course $3000 MXN

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21 days of Meditation

21 Days online Class course on video.

Meditation prompts us to let our mind rest, and stop our mental dialogue so we may experience inner peace.
There are different meditation techniques.
Experience them all in a 21 Days video online class.

Let us deepen our experience of this practice together.

Naam Lifestyle

Your Personal Road Map to creating the life you want

Your Personal Road Map to creating the life you want Naam Lifestyle is a 30 hour course where you will learn to integrate Naam in your daily life.
Lifestyle is the key tool for self-knowledge.
Through in-depth knowledge of your planetary influences, you will be able to frame and reframe your goals in 4 main areas of your life: Health, Love, Career and Spirituality.


Remote and and In-Person


Harmonyum® is a powerful, elegant, spiritual healing system that was developed with the aim of making self-healing possible. It addresses disease at the mental and emotional level so that it may no longer exist in the physical body.
Harmonyum leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness and increased longevity through the slowing of the aging process.

Naam Flexology

The 12 organs in your body are reflected by specific points in your feet. Naam Flexology is a powerful healing technique for bringing balance and light to your body’s organs.

During the session, we will include a detoxing and relaxing foot bath. This therapy is focused on your feet and ankles.


Online and personal Classes


Live events at the Beach